Sacred Contract Consultant Pamela Wells



I am very interested in the profound importance of archetypes to the human psyche. Archetypes are the metaphorical language of your soul. Translating their meaning is a skill that I have learned through doing archetypal readings and creative work as an “artist as archetypal translator”. As an archetypal translator I am able to clarify the patterns and pieces of your personal history into a more meaningful, overall perspective. I can also decode or channel mystical insights during your reading, into a verbal or visual language that is useful to your daily life. The work I do is very similar to being a translator or interpreter. My specialty has been creative work with clients who are interested in greater consciousness in either their own personal lives or in their professional, holistic or healing businesses. 

My study of the human psyche started out as my own personal journey of recovery from substance abuse which soon became a full-time exploration into the interpersonal realms of meaning, self, other and God. As I became more aware I realized I was on a life path that really did not resonate with my own gifts and talents. After many years of learning to understand myself, I became empowered enough to change the direction of my life in a way that honored my natural gifts and talents and soul’s purpose. In so doing, I have enriched every aspect of my own personal and professional life. I have always wanted to serve and help others since I can remember. This is why I became a certified Sacred Contract Consultant - to help others empower themselves with soul-empowered decisions in order to live their dreams. 

I also published, authored and illustrated a collectors edition guidebook and card set for understanding mystical wisdom titled “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess Spiritual Guidebook & 22 Wisdom Cards for Contemplation and Prayer”. I created the goddess deck to share my vision of "empowered women" through all things mystical and meaningful. I believe when the feminine way of knowing is honored through creativity and intuition, life becomes more joyful; when the two aspects of the inner self (heart and mind) unite, healing and loving of self begins and every day becomes a sacred blessings.

As a Sacred Contract consultant I feel my purpose is to help you find within yourself the wise guidance that puts you on your most powerful and meaningful life path. 

Over the years I have worked with clients through some of these life challenges:
–Addiction and recovery
–Career realignment and job creation/employment
–Death and trauma (emotional and physical injuries or illness)
–Dysfunctional family or marriage
–Life path/purpose focus and summary
–Loss of power/empowerment
–Low self-esteem
–Mid-life crisis
–Personal identity confirmation or identity confusion/loss
–Personal relationship – love, sex and marriage
–Spiritual or religious integration

BFA (Bachelor Fine Arts) from Laguna College of Art and Design and a BBA (Bachelor Business) from George Washington University. Currently pursuing Master Fine Arts from Laguna College of Art and Design. Previous work experience includes: technical illustrator and designer for advertising, health care and computer companies. Graphics and web design contractor for integrative, holistic businesses. Author and artist of “Affirmations for the Everyday Goddess”. Sacred Contract consultant and fine artist.