Healing with Love

By Pamela Wells

Our view of ourselves and of the world around us can either hinder or facilitate healing. 


When you are faced with some kind of challenge in your life, whatever it is, what is your default way of viewing it? Do you quickly respond in fear, anger or sadness? Is there an internal struggle that feels like you are being squeezed and it is difficult to breathe? All of these reactions to challenges perpetuate a cycle that conditions you to a world of stress. You become accustomed to viewing the world as a place of constant tension from multiple sources. This viewpoint is especially emphasized if you are constantly ruminating about all of the problems in your life and how other people or events are the root of the problem. You will find that when you are in your mind you tend to see others as separate. This division becomes internalized and there is a split between your heart (feminine aspect of yourself) and your mind (masculine aspect of yourself). Your mind will continue to see separtation while your heart yearns for connection. 

A different perspective can offer a way to respond to life’s challenges that bring greater ease and ultimately an optimal way of engaging in the world.

Whenever you are faced with a challenge, just pause and reflect on what blessings you have in your life. Be in your heart and it will automatically pull all of your systems into alignment like a strong magnet. What results is that all of you becomes revitalized, your immune system is boosted, and your physical heart is strengthened. You literally begin to increase you electro-magnetic field. 

When you allow yourself to live again in your heart, you naturally see the world from a more expansive perspective. This invites you to engage the world by participating with this unconditional energy that is your deepest self in ways that then allow greater ease. By viewing the world in this way, instead of seeing the world and others as a problem, you awaken to the understanding that everything around you is this One energy expressing itself in infinite ways. 

When you take such a broad vision, then every challenge becomes an opportunity for you to align the ways that you engage yourself with others and the world so that how you act reflects what you deeply value. 

When you act in accordance with your deepest beliefs and from a view of the world in the highest, then you are whole. There is no conflict between your mind and heart. This is the foundation for radiant health. 

May you continue to choose a life inspired by love rather than driven by fear. May you seek ways to uncover that which blocks and covers a love so deep that it will continue to support you no matter what you may have done in the past. It is a love that keeps on giving. 

May you open yourself up to receive that love. 

Your are worthy.