Sacred Contract 4 Hour Consultation and 12 Page Written Analysis


Sacred Contract 4 Hour Consultation and 12 Page Written Analysis


- An initial 2 hour telephone or personal consultation to identify your 12 main archetypes.
- Completed Sacred Contract Chart emailed to you.
- A follow-up 1-2 hour verbal analysis of your soul’s purpose and Sacred Contract.
- An email sample “Souls’ Purpose” mission statement to remind you of why you are on the life path you are on.
- Email list of suggestions including books to read and suggested next steps.
- An optional Email follow-up consultation to answer any additional questions you may have.

Also Includes:

- 12+ pages of written analysis for you to refer to for years to come. An 8 hour add-on value in addition to your 3-4 hour verbal consultation. Please allow 1-2 weeks to complete.


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A verbal and written consultation is designed to help you remember how powerful you really are! It will also focus on the possible hidden patterns that disempower you. It is not a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects of your archetypes. It briefly touches on the concerns and the questions you have indicated in your initial 2 hour archetypal review. To cover all aspects of each archetype would be impossible since there are so many aspects to each archetype. You are a co-participant in selecting your archetypes and the information you want to focus on in your analysis. This is not a psychic reading.