See what clients are saying about their Sacred Contract Reading.

I recently had a Sacred Contract reading by Pamela Wells and was, I must admit, a bit skeptical at first. After completing the process I was completely floored by the results. Results may be the wrong word to describe the experience. Pamela is extremely intuitive and perceptive when it came to understanding me energetically. She is filled with so much love, compassion and has such a powerful strong presence that one can’t help but feel completely supported and nurtured throughout a process that can be somewhat intimidating, especially, if you are anything like me, and not use to feeling vulnerable and open. Learning about my different archetypes and the houses they land in is profound, insightful and compelling. I can always go back and reference my chart when certain inner disturbances arise. I’m learning to observe these feelings and thoughts when they occur and realizing that I’m not those feeling and thoughts. I’m just a conscientious observer, I allow them to be without judgment or becoming attached to them, I feel them and then let them be. I’ve learned through the reading how to stand strong in my truth and my power. It’s life changing if you allow it to be. Thank you Pamela for this beautiful gift that you are sharing with the world.
— Nina C.Payne
I remember how thorough, accurate your reading and charts were 7 years ago. Over the years I realize more and more it was my true essence in every way. Pamela you are such a blessing.
— Julie S.
I did my sacred contract and soul portrait and I love them both so very much. I gobbled up my sacred contract, loving every bit of it. I love its directness. Why not get down to what the problems are and nip them at the root? I am eternally grateful for your love and guidance.
— Angela O.
Pamela helped me a great deal by providing me a wealth of information with a Sacred Contract reading. It showed me areas in my life that I can strengthen and improve. She is very articulate and explains each of the 12 Archetypes in a way that makes them come alive. In addition, her readings are very insightful and captivates your attention to want to hear more of the interesting analogies and examples she gives for tools to cultivate full potential in your life. This ignited an awareness within me, to be more pro-active with my creativity, healing and intuitive work. Which will in turn attract more abundance in my life. In other words, I need to get to work on my Yang! Thank you Pamela for being so supportive and a positive inspiration in my life!
— Lauren D.
My Sacred Contract reading with Pamela has been incredibly relevant and useful in my everyday life. I found Pamela to be warm, and easy to open up to as well as remarkably intuitive about who I am. Once my Sacred Contract chart was completed and read to me, I felt that it was uncannily accurate! It has helped me be more aware of my strengths so that I can more consciously draw on them as well as take note of those aspects I would like to affect me less. She finished with an example of my life’s purpose statement that I have found deeply empowering. I refer to it when I need clarity as it helps guide me from a place of my best integrity! I most sincerely recommend!
— Jessica W.
It was a pleasure talking with Pamela. The sacred contract reading was inspiring and enlightening. Thanks for the sacred contract and the book links. I am looking forward to reading them.
— Melisa G.
Thank you so much for helping me with my archetypes! Such exciting information and a little overwhelming too. :-) I really appreciate your time and talent. Looking forward to working with you more! I’ll be referring you to all my friends. All my best.
— Barbara T.