Learn more about your soul's purpose with a Sacred Contract reading and analysis by Sacred Contract consultant Pamela Wells. Discover and chart your unique life path.



The Wisdom of Archetypes: Who Am I?

Identifying your 12 personal archetypes is powerful because they speak to you through both your body and mind in the form of dreams, visions, stories, art, music, metaphors and myths. Archetypes are the symbolic building blocks of a language understood and shared by all people throughout history. Archetypes teach you that what is invisible inside of you made conscious, is more powerful and mysterious when converted to action in the visible world. 


Your Sacred Contract Chart

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Why were you born? Your sacred contract chart and verbal or written analysis is a snapshot of your greatest gifts, talents and charisma in this lifetime as well as your soul’s challenges and lessons to be learned in order for you to come in alignment with your highest potential and life’s purpose and meaning. Your sacred contract describes your personality and how you interpret the world and reveals the answers to the big questions you have been searching for your whole life. 

As a Sacred Contract consultant, my goal is to help you enrich your life with self-knowledge so you have the confidence to create your life in a way that is perfect for you. Your sacred contract chart not only gives you more clarity, but will also teach you how to listen to your own inner voice of wise guidance.

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Getting Started with Your Sacred Contract Chart

Pamela is a certified Sacred Contract Consultant with CMED institute. Your consultation will include a 2 hour process to help you identify your 12 main archetypes and constructing your chart as well as a 1-2 hour verbal analysis explaining in more detail about your soul's purpose. Begin building you own unique Sacred Contract chart with this site's archetypal list. Every one of your archetypes has a beautiful “gold” aspect as well as a challenging aspect. We all have 12 main archetypes that will run our lives whether we are aware of them or not. It’s best to be aware of them, and choose as directly and honestly as you can, so you can live to your highest potential with the greatest joy. 

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