Archetypes are the metaphorical language of your soul. Translating your 12 personal archetypes' meaning clarifies the patterns of your personal history.



Archetypes are the metaphorical language of your soul. Translating their meaning is a skill that I have learned through doing archetypal readings and creative work as an “artist as archetypal translator”. As an archetypal translator I am able to clarify the patterns and pieces of your personal history into a more meaningful, overall perspective. I can also decode or channel mystical insights during your reading, into a verbal or visual language that is useful to your daily life. The work I do is very similar to being a translator or interpreter. 

A verbal or written analysis is designed to help you remember how powerful you really are! It will also focus on the possible hidden patterns that disempower you. It is not a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects of your archetypes. It briefly touches on the concerns and the questions you have indicated in your initial 2 hour archetypal review. To cover all aspects of each archetype would be impossible since there are so many aspects to each archetype. 

Archetypal readings (Sacred Contracts), archetypes, metaphors and symbolic imagery are “energetic clues” that help you move into the deeper, relational realms of meaning, self, other and God. By learning more about yourself and your destiny, you are able to answer the questions that are specific to your life situation and also understand more of humankind’s greatest mysteries. 



    Your 12 personal archetypes will reveal to you the actions and decisions you need to make in order to embark on your most meaningful life path.

    Archetypes are like pieces of a puzzle; when brought together in a Sacred Contract reading, they help you see the essence of your life and how you are interconnected within the current historical context of world events. Your 12 personal archetypes contain the clues that will help you answer questions like: “What is the purpose of my life? How do I redesign my life to be congruent with who I really am? Why do I always get stuck with this kind of person, situation, or job? What is stopping me from having what I really want in my life? How can I make better decisions to feel healthier and happier? 

    You do have a choice, from moment-to-moment, to create the abundance you deserve in your life right now. The more aware you are, the more aligned your life choices will be with your own personal vision of happiness. Remember, one of the greatest gifts of any difficult life experience, is it helps you remember who you are and what you want but were afraid to live. 

    As a Sacred Contract reader and consultant, my goal is to help you enrich your life with self-knowledge so you have the confidence to create your life in a way that is perfect for you. Your Sacred Contract reading not only gives you more clarity, but will also teach you how to listen to your own inner voice of wise guidance.




    Goddess – Female archetype of passion and power.
    Healer – Healing the emotional, mental or physical well being of another.
    Saint – A martyr in service to the higher good or God.
    Mediator –  Bringing parties together for the greater good.
    Clown – Humor is your number one way to success.
    Pioneer – New ideas and adventure is always just around the corner.


    What is my highest potential?

    Why do I attract certain people?

    What are my special talent's and gifts that can serve both myself and others?

    Why do I keep facing the same challenges and how do I break these negative patterns in my life?