Your Sacred Contract Chart - Awakening to Your Divine Potential

Your Own Road Map to Empowerment  Peter Hellberg

Your Own Road Map to Empowerment Peter Hellberg

Your Road Map to Personal Power

Why were you born? Your sacred contract chart and verbal or written analysis is a snapshot of your greatest gifts, talents and charisma in this lifetime as well as your soul’s challenges and lessons to be learned for you to come in alignment with your highest potential. Your sacred contract describes your personality and how you interpret the world and reveals the answers to the big questions you have been searching for your whole life.

What am I doing here? What is my life’s purpose?

Your inner longings and creative pursuits are an expression of your archetypes.

Why do I tend to make the same mistakes?

You are not in touch with your own patterns that unconsciously run your life. Building a contract reveals how you can heal and move beyond negative patterns and redirect the course of your life.

Why am I attracted to certain people and why are they attracted to me?

Identifying your patterns enables you to understand why you repeatedly engage with certain types of people and situations for better or worse.

Your Unique sacred Contract when you were born Mitya Ku

Your Unique sacred Contract when you were bornMitya Ku

Navigating Your Soul With Your Unique Sacred Contract Chart

Your Sacred Contract chart and verbal or written analysis will help you navigate the challenging aspects of your 12 archetypes as well as indicate the power you bring into the world through their gifts – the power of your archetypes. Your chart and verbal or written analysis is designed to help you remember how powerful you really are! It will also focus on the possible hidden patterns that disempower you. It is not a comprehensive analysis of all the aspects of your archetypes. It briefly touches on the concerns and the questions you have indicated in your initial archetypal review. To cover all aspects of each archetype would be impossible since there are so many aspects to each archetype. You may be currently living out some aspects and not others.

Therefore, I encourage you to use your Sacred Contract verbal or written analysis as a general summary. It will jump start your own internal dialogue about each of your archetypes and how they interact with the houses and each other. You chart and analysis will help guide you while suggesting areas where you can learn more. Remember your Sacred Contract cart or "road map" is not the territory but rather an excellent tool for showing you the paths and opportunities that are congruently aligned with who you really are. The details of your life path and how you manage your life-choices to live a powerful and meaningful life, is ultimately up to you to co-create with divine!


Learning more about yourself is the key to a joyful life ikolov

Learning more about yourself is the key to a joyful lifeikolov

Your Sacred Contract Consultation and What to Expect

When your ready to begin your Sacred Contract Consultation, this is what you can expect before we begin. I will send you a list of archetypes very similar to the archetypal list on this website. We will spend up to two hours in an initial consultation uncovering your 12 key archetypes. Once we discover your 12 personal archetypes, I will send you your own unique Sacred Contract Chart. Your chart will reveal your greatest gifts and well as unconscious patterns that prevent you from living the life of your dreams. Your two hour verbal analysis will awaken you to new ways of being the person you were meant to be as well as give you suggestions as to how to proactively learn more and move forward. If you want to spend more time in even more detail researching and learning about your chart, consider adding a written analysis.